Jodi McKee | Herbal Love

Business and branding photography is one of my favorite kinds of photoshoots as I have the opportunity to mirror ones heart n soul.  It is even more exciting when it involves herbs, flowers, water, music, stones and being in nature.  The creativity is endless as there are so many textures, elements and colors.

Jodi Mckee is a talented, intelligent, kind and loving woman who has been cultivating her herbal practice for well over 10 years.  She is about to launch her new Herbal Storefront in late Spring. This particular photography session was intended to reflect the heart of Jodi and her passion.  Her being in her element, doing what she loves. Expressing and opening herself to being seen.  And such beauty she has within and around her.

With all these gorgeous photos, Jodi will have a plethora of images to work with as she creates a website for her new business.