Tidwell Wedding | Minnetonka Orchards

I have the honor of presenting the Tidwell’s!  This is an extra special wedding as the bride is my sweet sister Karri and my now brother-in-law Jamell.  The dynamic couple compliments eachother very well and makes a great team as they bring balance to eachothers lives.

Terra Sura’s lovely associate photographers, Ester Knowlen and Veronica Barnes did an amazing job at capturing this wedding. It was a joy to be on the other side of the lens for once.  With an extra large bridal party, these ladies had their work cut out for them.

Minnetonka Orchards is a gorgeous venue and we sure filled it with lots of laughter, dancing and good memories to hold near and dear to our hearts for years to come.  Blessings to newlyweds as they continue to grow their family!