Terra Sura Photography is known for its relaxed, natural and rich aesthetic highlighting people and place and the vital force of love which flows through all of life.  Specializing in facilitating organic imagery to tell the story of what is near and dear to our hearts. 

As a mother, wife, daughter, sister, photographer, herbalist, astrology enthusiast, lover of life...

It brings me joy to work with people who are excited about their life, whether it be a relationship or their business.  Living in a digital age which can be very fast paced, I invite you to slow down with me and reflect on what is important.  Together we will manifest images of what is closest to your heart, the laughter of your child, the love of your life, a business you pour your heart into or perhaps just you as you are in this time.  

It is my utmost desire to live a life that is meaningful and touches the hearts of those I work with.  Photography is one of my most favorite languages and ways to communicate.  We've all heard the saying, "a photo is worth a thousand words" and I feel full-filled when beauty and soulfulness speak to the eye of the heart.  

Along with my passion for photography, I am also a student of herbalism. The Terra Sura Foraging Blog explores midwest plants, herbal remedies, foraging, plant identification and recipes, as well as highlights of local and global social movements in honor of Mother Earth.

Inspired by the forever changing seasons of our lives and this beautiful planet, Terra Sura means "Mother Earth" and "new leaf".  The cycles of life continue on and and we gifted with the awareness of love.  Honored to be a reflection in a good way with people and plants. 

~ Sharri Keller (Owner/ LeadPhotographer) 

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We are shaped and fashioned by what
we love.
— Goethe
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