Childs Play | Nadia | St. Paul Children Photographer

There are few words to describe this little lady’s session besides adorable, adorable and adorable!  Nadia is an adventurous spirit as she had me following her around like a little puppy in the field of asters.  Her mother can attest that it was no easy task but oh so worth it.  Photographing two year olds is all about playing games as they run the show.  “There is no reasoning with a two year old” is a very real statement.

I am grateful for her darting and spontaneous spirit as I discovered new angles which aided in the magic of the session.  Speaking of fleeting spirits, the asters in this particular area were in their peak bloom for about a week or so.  Timing is everything and everything lined up perfectly.  I am thinking that next year’s mini session will have to be held here.