The Birth of Sunny Joe

Most women I know would prefer to have as much of a natural birth as possible.  Especially my sister, Karri who is a message therapist, regenerative detox specialist and wholistic health coach.  Having had a daughter 11 years ago of whom was breech, they had to preform cesarean.  This time around Karri was really looking forward to experiencing a natural vaginal birth and having that instant connection with baby skin to skin.

Life has its own way of expressing itself and often times we cannot fully plan for it.  Due to complications and preventative measures to avoid potential stillborn, the baby had to come out 3 weeks early or their life was at risk.  Karri and I can imagine other women experience a sense of grief of what it would be like to have body's natural and primal intelligence deliver a being into the world.  All the while feeling a deep sense of gratitude for the western medical intelligence for the capacity to preform surgeries safely when needed.

Karri is incredibly resilient and was able to let go of her previous ideals and get into the mode of "we are having this baby today"!  Jamell, her husband and daughter Kelly were all on board for cesarean. 

Having photographed a couple of births and given birth myself, it is an extremely intense, sacred, ecstatic, traumatic, special time in which the vital force of life is in full force to the max.  Painful and equally beautiful.  Makes me cry every-time.  Divine wombs we have and it is such an honor to hold the capacity for life within our beings.

This particular birth was the first cesarean one I have witnessed and photographed.  I am in complete awe again at what women and partners (witnessing their loved ones) endure.  Keeping it real here... Karri was literally awake (of course numbed below) while her insides were cut open and organs pulled out of her body!  Feeling all the invasive unnatural pressure which is still life threatening to be a part of.  All for the love of her child, for wanting what's best for him, their family, for the safe arrival of their baby, Sunny Joe.  Desiring to have her baby laying on her chest right away, she see's him through plastic, unable to touch him for about 5ish minutes while she was being sowed up in layers, internally to externally. 

Jamell stayed with Karri to support her and I went over to Sunny in his first moments.  An elder once told me that when a baby is born the Grandma's talk to the baby right away expressing sweet intentions and blessings they wish for their lives.  I adopted that and loved him up in the best way I knew how.  Was an honor to do so as I know Karri would want a loved one to be with the baby as she couldn't at first.  

With all that said, my understanding of births during cesarean's are just as challenging as vaginal births if not more so in some regards.  The love of the mother is fierce and self-less.  Trusting in our intuition for what is best for baby regardless of our own personal desires.  Healing from a tear in your vagina and healing from incision into womb is all intense.  We all bleed after, we all navigate sleep deprivation, toe curling pain during initial breastfeeding time, processing of hormones, letting go of water/emotion, shedding skin, stepping into a new womb-an.  An honor that takes an unwavering sense of courage and love.  As a woman, giving birth is natural regardless of vaginal or a life saving cesarian delivery as we love our children and want what is best for them.  

So much respect for Karri, Jamell, the team of Doctors and that sweet sweet Sunny Joe coming in at 4 lbs 15oz.  The synergy of it all birthed new parts of everyone.  That look in daddy's eyes when he first sees his baby boy, priceless. And the way daddy supported mama, so beautiful. 

Love runs it's own course and shows up on any path with those which have hearts to see it.  Grateful to be a witness.  Thank you Karri for loving and birthing Sunny Joe into this world.  You are a warrior of love.  Delivering a baby is equally challenging and beautiful in any which way and I commend you for your divine surrender.  Sunny Joe is beautiful!