Mother Earthing Maternity Session

I have been thinking a lot about how my career in photography can fulfill the desire to create meaningful, transformational art.  Co-creating authentic, heartfelt memories with those I have the privilege to photograph fills my love tank.  

My sweet sister Karri is full of life as is the mother of all, Earth.  Most of us have all heard the benefits of "earthing" and "forest bathing"; immune boosting, negative ions, decreasing stress, reducing chronic pain, increased awareness, peace, love and the list goes on and on.  People are even bottling up forest air and selling it for its healing qualities!  

Needless to say, this is my ideal maternity session... in the woods, barefoot, connecting and with the heart, earth, mama and baby to be.  A meditation of love.  Healing art of existence. 

Photos to remind and inspire us throughout the years as carrying life is beautiful, potent, sacred and an honor.  The darkness of the womb making way for the light.   Intelligent and wise, carrying on a very extensive lineage of life. 

There is no better teacher and healer than mother earth.  And in a society that prides itself on doing, I am more than happy to take the time to do nothing except reflect and replenish with the mamas I photograph.

So very excited to photograph and offer herbal doula support for my beautiful sister as she births Sunny Joe into this world!