Spring Medicine Series | Cleanse & Restore | Yoga. Music. Plants

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Spring is upon us (hard to believe, we know) and life is beginning to flow around & within our physical bodies. The plants that will be sprouting up from the earth during spring are powerful lymph movers, cleansers and builders. We are excited to be working with them! The spring Medicine series will awaken our bodies, minds, and hearts. 

Spring Herbal Offerings:

April 17th: Prickly Ash - A plant which is the northern most member of the citrus family. Amazing for bringing life to wherever it touches. Stimulating, lymph moving, nerve regulator, toothaches, sharp shooting pains, raynauds, etc. The inner bark of Prickly Ash will be sure to leave you with a memorable impression.

April 24th: Violet & Cleavers - Powerful, yet gentle lymph movers. Cleavers is an ephemeral growing only in the spring. Working on liver, lymph and kidneys to filter waste materials with an affinity to the adenoids. Violet grows all throughout the growing season and can be eaten in salads, drank as tea, tinctured, etc. Violet stimulates lymph flow and is moistening.

May 1st: Horsetail - Helps rebuild cartilage, strengthen hair & nails, supports grinding knees, strengthens tendons, assists in urinary tract issues and has affinity to kidneys. 

May 8th: Nettles - Minnesota’s superfood loaded with minerals and vitamins which cleanse and nurture the body. The list of benefits this herb offers the human body would take pages and pages. A couple popular ways it's used to support body is allergies, cleansing of kidneys, odd nerve sensations, yeast infections, anemia, asthma, arthritis, blood pressure, blood sugar, hot flashes, rashes, gout, etc. Nettles is abundant and offers tremendous gifts to those whom connect with it. 

*students who attend all four classes will be gifted a Blood Root Flower Essence from Terra Sura*

*** Blood Root Flower Essence *** 
Clears physical, emotional, mental and spiritually blocked genetic patterns inherited from generations of family members to make way for the light of new potential. 

How it works:
Sharri (of Terra Sura Photography & Foraging) will bring the featured tea/tincture for the class and students will be able to consume it upon arrival. Following a short presentation from Sharri about the plant medicine, Amanda Leaveck will guide everyone in a yoga class that is designed to maximize the benefits of the tea/tincture. Laurelin's sweet music will create a whimsical soundscape that will leave everyone in a state of bliss ♥ 

BONUS: this series will feature local artist Annie Irene, an abstract acrylic artist who paints with honorably harvested earth and water. Her artwork will be hung in the space as a form of visual healing. A yoga + painting workshop will be offered (from Annie and Amanda) on May 27th, 12:30-3pm. 

Isn't the poster gorgeous? It's Annie's painting ;)

It's highly recommended to arrive 10-15 min early to have some time to drink your tea and let the plant medicine start to work it's magic in your system. 

Location:  In|Form Rolfing  (314 Clifton Ave, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403)

*limited mats available at the space, please bring your own if you have one*

Each class will honor the Buddhist practice of Dana (giving), so you may give whatever monetary amount feels like a joyful exchange (cash only please). Your contributions will be split equally between Sharri, Laurelin, and Amanda.