Winter time is an ideal time for immersing ourselves in warm, healing waters… aka bath!  Most of us have heard of bath salts, epsom salt, bubble baths… but I invite you to take an herbal bath and receive the gifts of these nourishing and revitalizing herbs while letting the water hold you.  Self-care is something we (myself included) could all use a little extra of.


Our skin is an organ of elimination and absorption.  You can use any tonic or nourishing herbs that you like when taking a bath.  Herbal baths are especially helpful in postpartum recovery after baby is born (recipe to come).  This particular recipe I wanted to focus what on is nourishing, revitalizing and heart soothing.  A basic nervine blend.


I used equal parts rose, chamomile, plantain, lavender, milky oat tops, lemon balm and nettles.  Filling a 1/2 pint mason jar which will make for one to two herbal baths.

You may contact me at to make a personal order of herbal bath blends if you do not want to make it yourself.  They do make wonderful gifts!  All are customized to your needs.

 Luckily a good portion of the world has heard of Dr. Emoto and the effects of thought, prayers and intentions with water.  Water is a sacred reflection of the energy around it.  With that said, I encourage mindfulness when working with water, especially when we submerge ourselves.  When my mind travels down the rabbit hole, I gently bring myself back to the heart, the breath and gratitude.  For it tis the time for nourishing and relaxation, time for the present.


Once you have the blend prepared…

  • Bring 3 Qt water to a boil and turn off
  • Add herbs (either in muslin bag or loose) & cover
    • it is important to cover to keep the volatile oils contained as that is where a lot of the goodness is
  • Let infuse for as little as 20 minutes or as long as 4+ hours for maximum extraction
  • Strain water from herbs (or take out muslin bag) and squeeze out excess  liquid from herbs
    • I prefer to use nut milk bag
  • Fill bath with regular hot/warm water and pour herbal infused water into bathtub
    • Feel free to pour yourself a cup of tea while you are at it!
  • Then all you have to do is hop in, relax, breathe and give thanks for the water and herbs that are nourishing your body & spirit!