Divine Feminine | Mother + Earth + Daughters

We are moving into an age where work and heart are becoming more aligned.  Where we are reminded of the relationships between wholistic health and operating in our highest truth.  For me a part of it is co-creating artful memories with people who want what is best for themselves, family, community, world and this very precious planet we inhabit.  To highlight the spirit within physical form.

What fills my heart up can be as simple as a glance into the lens, a state of just being as you are.  From loving embraces to any authentic emotion emanating through, it all feels right as it is all real.  The joy, pain, laughter, sorrow peering through our senses... the weather of life.  Our navigation tools as we dance through life. Observing the body, mind, emotions and tendencies of the ego self is all good and necessary as we move through physical reality and I appreciate this navigational system, yet there is a spiritual part of my being that is yearning to be expressed.  

Taking time to tune into what would fill my artistic photographic cup is collaborating with people (individuals, families, businesses, etc.) to reflect what is held most deeply in their hearts.  To create visual imprints of intentions, good thoughts, prayers for their lives and this planet.   This is my official call out to anyone feeling inspired to co-create visual anchors of prayers, ceremony, altars or whatever they want to express, reveal and call into life.  That the photos we create stir up a remembering, an echo of what is held most dear to us.  

This particular session features the love and relationship between a mother, her daughters, the earth and her flowing waters.  A gift of gratitude for life, for family, for raising children with awareness, for the water in our lives flowing outside and inside our body.  To remember that water holds memory and intention and that with our heart's awareness we can alter ourselves and the planet in a good way. 

Kelly Shay, mother, yoga teacher, visionary, DJ, wise womb-an reached out and inquired about a session with her girls.  I had a good feeling she would be open to exploring the heart space and co-creating a visual prayer to echo into the realms.  She gathered flowers, crystals, tobacco, sage and her three daughters (Asha 2, Selah 5 and Sole'nisa 15 years old) and created a beautiful spiral mandala in gratitude for life.  Left there for the next footsteps which walked by to be blessed with the feeling of knowing some love and intention has taken place and that we are all connected.

Along with the study of plant medicine, I am also diving into the world of energetics and healing.  One of my teachers works with roses as they are one of nature's thank you gifts; beautiful, aromatic expressions of love lined with thorns as to teach us to pay close attention to the gifts we have in front of us.  Rose also carries the same vibration of the heart and is a healing herb emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Thus leading to our expression of gratitude and healing with the roses, heart and water. 

The Mississippi River is a main vein of earth, beginning her journey from Itasca, Minnesota down to the gulf of Mexico.  Carrying with it all we give to it.  It warmed my heart to see this family of women merge with the rose and put their whole hearts and prayers into the water to heal and be healed. To make this energetic imprint that will be carried out in the memory of the water, their beings and all who come across these powerful images.  I love knowing that even though this session at times was chaotic gathering focus or making sure kids do not go too deep in water, that we captured the essence of spirit, thus illuminating our true nature and remembrance of our connection to this planet and our mutual well-being.  

Thank you Kelly, Asha, Selah and Sole'nisa for being just as you are and sharing this honoring of the spirit of life.  It is a beautiful way to be.