Chaya & Chase Engagement Session | Sunset Canoe

Engagement sessions are a wonderful way for the photographer to get to know couple and for the couples to feel comfortable in front of camera.  It can be very vulnerable to be seen and takes a bit to relax into the moment while being "watched".  I commend all people who have the vulnerability to be seen and show up with open minds and hearts. 

These sorts of sessions are about being present and engaging... hence engage-ment session.  Connecting with partner and enjoying the moment.  Thinking about the life I had with my partner before having kids, it was such a sweet fleeting time in our lives.  I value looking back at those precious moments, not to go back in time, but to remember the spark we had and keep it burning bright. 

Taking the time to be together, wrapped in each others arms, venturing out into the world in all its beauty. Co-creating. 

This sunset canoe engagement session is time preserved in such a good way.  Thank you Chaya and Chase for being seen and loving eachother the way you do.  Excited for your wedding in Lutsen, MN!  And thank you to my Uncle Jim who shared his canoes with us!!!