Julia Graves | Master Herbalist

Julia Graves is a master Herbalist from France who visited Minnesota in the month of May.  Perfect timing as the blossoms were bursting with life.  I had the pleasure of getting to learn from Julia as well as spend some time in the Lyndale Rose Gardens for some updated business & branding photos.

Known for her lively and clear teaching style, she was raised in Germany by an herbalist mother and orthopedic surgeon father. Julia studied herbalism, traditional European medicine, anthroposophic massage as well as cupping as a teenager. She then studied medicine at Kiel University for four years. She wrote her doctoral thesis on her ethno-medical field research on traditional midwives and healers in a remote area of Zimbabwe.

Thereafter, Julia trained as a Gestalt psychotherapist. While working for Findhorn Flower Essences in their early days, she trained as flower essence practitioner as well as a flower essence creator. Julia has since developed her own line of flower essences, the Lily Circle, as well as kits of flower essences for Mayan Uterine Massage and other essences.

Julia is the author of The Language of Plants, a detailed guide to the doctrine of signatures, which became an instant classic since its publication in 2012. She also wrote The Lily Circle, which is a guide to her flower essence line.  She brings 30 years of clinical experience to her teaching.

Creator of the Lily Circle flower essences which are arranged in a medicine wheel representing the life cycle. From birth through death, the different essences help through the various challenges and traumas. The essences bestow receptivity, intuition, and open-heartedness.