Horton Family | Lifestyle Photography

The Horton’s invited me into their home to photograph their family in their raw form.  “A Day in the Life”, a true Lifestyle Photography session.  No fluff, no trying… just being their normal everyday selves.

Started with some games indoors, ventured out front then off to the park we went which was conveniently located right across the street.  A wide variety of expressions and musings with the bonus of burning a ton of energy.

Winding down was sweet as can be. Reading, snuggling and lil tantrums here and there.  Last book for the night and we called it a wrap.  The Horton’s are amazing people individually and as a family.  Blessed to have eachother and I feel blessed to know them!

The beauty of lifestyle sessions is witnessing life in a most natural way.  Photographing everyday occurrences with the spontaneity of the present moment to hold dear for generations.