Cultivating Love | Wil & Carly Engagement Photos

As humans we have the capacity to create.  To follow the pull of our hearts and reach beyond our grasp, trusting in the future.  I have known Wil & Carly for some years now and have been coming to their land which was once partially GMO corn/organic farm.  For years we have been praying that the land can be transformed to a vibrant, healthy, natural state with trees, plants, animals and even weeds.

This amazing couple walks their talk as they manifested the support to transform the land to an all organic farm.  Cultivating love between eachother, in the work they do and for the land they occupy.  Wil and Carly are an amazing down to earth couple of which I am honored to photograph and call dear friends.   Throughout our session hearts, lightbeams, orbs and magic greeted us.  Very happy for the union of these two special beings and all the life that will be birthed from their hands.

The Organic Crompound is a center for creative regeneration.  On the leading edge of permaculture and sustainable practices offering a plethora of community events.  At the end of this blog is a photo of a mandala  that Carly made with a little squash plant that will end up feeding some of the wedding guests come harvest time in September.  Until then…