Outdoor Maternity Photos | Crosby Regional Park

This mama is one remarkable woman.  Soon to give birth to her third child, Jessie Beldenwanted to honor this beautiful time in her life with just her and baby to be.  The spark of life expanding in the darkness of the womb.  Truly magical. yet, extremely uncomfortable at times.  Surrendering to the great mystery.  A sacred privilege.

Women are warriors, especially this one.  Jessie is one of my first herbalist teachers, teaching a yearly apprenticeship as well as smaller classes.  She also recently purchased the Medicine Tree in Minneapolis which offers herbal consultations, classes, herbs and herbal products.   Following her heart and love of plants while being an amazing mama with a growing family, this lady is rockin it!

The natural choice for this maternity session is to venture into the woods.  We just so happen to cross the path of motherwort, a very special herb which relates to all things “mother” related.   Blessed up by our plant friends, the water, golden light and that sweet baby spirit.  Thanks for being a bad ass inspirational mama Jessie and choosing to document this time in your life with Terra Sura.