What we see depends on what we are looking for...

Magic.  Love.  Simplicity.  Emotion.  Relationships. 

Woven together in the tapestry of life.  All related, dancing under the stars, circling the sun. I often find that the most simple awarenesses are the most profound.  The joy of being outside, cozing up with your loves, dancing, delicious food, clean water, coffee, chocolate, sitting under a tree, playing, singing... just being. Creativity is all around and within us awaiting to be noticed. It would be my honor to give attention to what you hold dear, to see and co-create memories to be cherished for generations to come. 

Weddings, engagement, family, newborn or photographing the business you have poured your heart into.  Terra Sura Photography is seeking to reflect life in a most sincere and beautiful way.