Barefoot Wedding on Beautiful Organic Farm | Fairbault Minnesota

Wil & Carly are the visionaries and executers of the Organic Crompound in Fairbault Minnesota.  At one point the land was filled with GMO corn, now transformed into an ever expanding organic farm, permacultured fruit forest, educational haven, etc.  

An original, heart filled day that has imprinted our beings.  Inviting their closest relatives to witness and uphold this very special prayer for their lives. I think everyone teared up at this ceremony as Wil and Carly expressed themselves in front of the sacred fire.  No script, just straight from the heart.  Wed & blessed up by dear friends in a way that honors our connection to life, to this earth and eachother.  The brides bouquet is no ordinary bouquet, but a wand of flowers to bless each other up with from head to toe.  Ceremony ended with everyone making a cedar offering/prayer for this beautiful couples life.  A powerful ending as they “offically” begin their journey in life together.

All the food & drinks were either from the land or local.  An incredible group of people, musicians, gardeners, lovers of life.  Everyone who attended, including myself just got an upgrade in consciousness.  Thank you Wil & Carly for cultivating and sharing your love for one another and all your relations.  May you and your family continue to be abundantly provided for!