Herbal Consultations


Currently offering donation based herbal & flower essence consultations.  Addressing acute and chronic ailments affecting nervous system, reproductive system, respiratory, digestion, headaches, musculoskeletal, emotions, ancestral healing, etc.  Along with sharing our same breath, plants are vital to life and healthy bodies.  Incorporating plants into our everyday life is an excellent way to boost immunity and assist in preventative care.  Working to restore harmony in our spirit, emotional and physical body. 

I have been actively studying herbal medicine for 4 years and have apprenticed with Jessica Belden (Owner of Medicine Tree) and Lise Wolff (Master Herbalist).  Also had the privilege of participating in an ancestral healing training in Mexico with Curandera, Dona Lucia of Nichim Ot' Anil of which I incorporate into my sessions.  It is my hearts desire to co-create harmony and good health for people and plants and continue to build the bridge between worlds in a mindful and mutually supportive way.  Herbs within my apothecary are either ethically wildcrafted or organic.

Herbal consults are not intended to replace western medical care, only to strengthen our  bodies natural ability to create balance within. 

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